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Director of Good Corporate Governance and Risk Management


  • Bachelor of Accounting, Unika Atmajaya Jakarta

Louis Manuel is an experienced leader in the fields of Internal Control, Good Corporate Governance, and Risk Management with a solid track record in helping organizations manage risk, comply with regulations, and improve corporate governance. Louis Has deep insight into the principles of good governance and is dedicated to creating a strong compliance culture.

Louis has an extensive professional track record in various industries. Such as manufacturing, property, hospitality, retail, insurance, services, and others. Diverse professional backgrounds from various industries certainly provide experience that can be channeled and implemented in overcoming various complex problems experienced by companies. Louis also spent most of his career working as an auditor for the big five consulting firms. As an auditor, Louis is experienced in ensuring that company bookkeeping is running in accordance with applicable accounting standards, investigating suspected fraud that occurred in the company, and providing input to company management regarding the internal control system. and Good Corporate Governance that runs in the company. Your abilities and experience are certainly important points in helping our clients to overcome their business problems.

Various business problems that arise in our client companies give rise to unique challenges that require smart solutions. Through Louis' valuable experience in maintaining and strengthening internal control and good corporate governance, he has succeeded in bringing fresh ideas to various industrial sectors. These ideas have helped the company achieve its goals better. One aspect that needs to be considered is management, supervision and sustainable decision making. Louis has an extraordinary ability to think far ahead so as to reduce the potential negative impact of business risks that may arise. His experience and deep insight enable him to provide solutions to complex company problems within a solid risk management framework and strict compliance with the principles of Good Corporate Governance.

Skills: Good Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Internal Control

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