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Managing Director

James Handoyo has an extensive professional track record in different industries, including hospitality, distributors, FnB, manufacturing, retail, construction and services. His expertise across various sectors proves his flexibility and adaptability in facing diverse business challenges. Apart from exploring diverse educational backgrounds from the best universities in Indonesia, he has also contributed significantly to the advancement of science and practice through journal publications, both national and international journals.


Director of Accounting and Taxation Services

Nurul Diantika is an accountant and consultant with comprehensive experience in the professional world. Her career journey in the world of finance has formed a deep understanding of the dynamics in the world of finance, especially accounting and taxation. She has also recognized the importance of improving the quality of her knowledge by taking various relevant certifications, such as Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and Ujian Sertifikasi Konsultan Pajak (USKP).


Director of Transaction & Corporate Finance

Michael Filbery is a results-oriented Financial Planner and Analyst with a strong background in equity analysis. He has several professional certifications such as Wakil Manager Investasi (WMI) and Wakil Perantara Pedagang Efek (WPPE). Apart from that, he also has extensive experience in the financial industry, one of which is often trusted to be a resource person at various seminars. His combination of analytical skills, attention to detail, and deep understanding of financial markets makes him a valuable resource in designing financial strategies.


Director of Strategic & Operational Management

Timotius Pratama has experience related to feasibility studies and comprehensive strategic consulting for governments and leading state-owned/private companies in the energy industry, which is complemented by experience from supply chain optimization to financial assistance in various industries, including the food industry and transportation infrastructure. Apart from having a formal educational background at one of the leading universities in Indonesia, Timotius Pratama has experience working for several well-known consultants. Furthermore, Timotius Pratama also improved his competency, by taking CFA and FMVA certification.


Director of Good Corporate Governance and Risk Management

Louis Manuel is an experienced leader in the fields of Internal Control, Good Corporate Governance, and Risk Management with a solid track record in helping organizations manage risk, comply with regulations, and improve corporate governance. Louis has an extensive professional track record across a variety of industries. Diverse professional backgrounds from various industries certainly provide experience that can be channeled and implemented in overcoming various complex problems experienced by companies. Louis also spent most of his career working as an auditor in big five consulting firms.

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